Lisbon, the home of Vasco de Gama

“I am not afraid of the darkness. Real death is preferable to a life without living.” Vasco de Gama

Lisbon, the westernmost capital on the European mainland is an impressive city that will offer its visitors almost all – rich history, interesting sights, rich gastronomy, pleasant climate and, most importantly, well-known Portuguese hospitality.

It is the city you easily fall in love with. The magnificent cultural heritage and historic places, attracts all those who want to dive deep into a city that, throughout the histroy, has been intersecting point of both western and eastern cultures.

The city where you just need to let your soul fly and give yourself in to soulful fado.

Lisabon is the city that just can’t fit into one article. With is impressive tourist attractions, it would rather require a book. In this article we are presenting the most visited and photographed district of Lisbon.

Padrao dos Descobrimentos – Discovery Monument Lisbon

The Padrao dos Descobrimentos is an amazing, iconic monument, the symbol of human progress, located on the banks of the River Tagus in Lisbon, dedicated to establishers of Portugal as 14th century superpower. They were mostly explorers and adventurers.

What is interesting there for tourists? If you are looking for an iconic landmark that would make your travel photograph tell a thousand-words story – there you are. It also offers a small museum and the viewing platform for panoramic view at the top of the structure. Another perfect point to make amazing photos in Lisbon.

The Belém District of Lisbon

Belém is the fascinating district to the west of Lisbon, the place of the capital’s most imposing and mostly visited tourist attractions. There you will find the most famous city attraction.
Actually,”the most famous city attraction” is an understatement. It is probably the most famous Portuguese attraction tourists simply love – the Tower of Belém.

Nearby, you will find equally impressive but somewhat less known – Jerónimos Monastery.

Although it is a monastery, it is primarily a reminder of the of the great Portuguese naval expeditions and discoveries. Namely, firstly it was a small church, in which Vasco de Gama used to spend nights praying, before going to his glorious journey that resulted in discovery of India. As the construction of the new monastery coincided with this event, the monastery began to be recognized as a symbol of sailing and discoveries. The outside is very luxurious and full of details and Renaissance elements, which is not surprising at all since the construction lasted for a hundred years, while in the meantime, the Renaissance spread to Europe. Vasco de Gama was buried here together with many other great navigators of the past.In the inner part of the complex there is a beautiful two-storey cloister. It was declared a  World Heritage Site in 1983. Nowadays, the monastery is the place of Maritime Museum and the National Archeological Museum.

Belem is well-known for one more thing, especially to all gourmets who are fond of the city’s most famous pastry shop – Pastéis de Belém.


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